Saturday, February 24, 2018

Importance of Sleep


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February 2018

Did you know that the majority of all our recovery and repair happen while we are sleeping? Sleep is related to the regulation of naturally occurring Growth Hormone (GH) and Cortisol. Sleep is a major modulator of endocrine funtion, particularly as it relates to hormonal release. Growth Hormone is responsible for cell growth and repair. It maintains tissues and organs throughout life and could be responsible for slowing the effects of being overworked and aging. The release of GH is stimulated through intense exercise and during sleep. Its presence can increase exercise capacity, bone density, and muscle mass… all while decreasing body fat through the liberation of fatty acids.

Cortisol, however, can become elevated during bouts of sleep deprivation and daily stress. It’s presence causes changes to a long list of bodily regulatory systems such as fat metabolism, blood sugar, immune responses, and anti-inflammation. Some of the most high-achieving people use naps as a way to recharge. From professional athletes to top corporate executives, it turns out that a nap is exactly what is needed to ward off mind numbing drowsiness. Research shows that a 15-30 minute power nap can improve cognitive abilities, increase productivity, and release growth hormone that aids in weight loss.

Need Power Nap Tips?  😴
Be consistent!
-15 to 30 min seems to be just the right amount
-approx. 8 hours after waking
-Dark room, sleep mask, or cover face, keep warm
-Control noise with a fan or white noise app

Leo Stoff is the owner and lead trainer at Beyond the Gym in St. Louis, Missouri. He can be found at and on FB @four9fitness

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